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What Is A Wholesale Liquor Licence?

Just as the operation of a wholesale business in South Africa is fundamentally different to the operation of a retail business in South Africa, so too are the two types of Licences or Registrations that govern the legal sale of alcohol by both of these types of businesses.
They are so different in fact, that the South African governmental bodies which issue the two types of certificates are completely different too. The Regional Liquor Board will be responsible for the management, issuing and renewal of Retail Liquor Licences.
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Wholesale Business Operation

As with a retail Liquor Licence, the person or company that is applying for a Wholesale Registration will need to prove to the National Liquor Authority that they are responsible and reliable entities who can be trusted to supply their products legally into the South African market. During the application, they will also need to provide the National Liquor Authority with information about their premise where they intend to store their liquor and operate their business from.
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The National Liquor Authority is responsible for the management, issuing and renewal of Wholesale Liquor Registrations.
A Wholesale Liquor Registration is issued to a person or a company that intends to sell and distribute liquor products within the Republic as a wholesaler or manufacturer. This Liquor Licence Registration DOES NOT allow the holder to sell liquor to retail customers. For this, the company would have to make a separate Retail Liquor Licence application to the Regional Liquor Board.
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Application For Wholesale Liquor Licences

As with a Retail Liquor Licence, a Wholesale Liquor Registration also needs to be kept up to date and renewed once a year. This can be a complicated process in the hands of the wrong consultant, so we advise you seek expert help in all matters relating to the wholesale distribution of Liquor in South Africa.

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