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Liquor Licence Applications For Retail Businesses

If you’re a South African business or person wishing to start operating a restaurant, hotel, nite club or pub that is going to sell liquor to the public, one of the most important business operating requirements that you need to take into consideration is the application for a retail liquor licence.
Ensuring that this licence is granted before you begin operating is vital to the success of your business.
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The last thing you need is to add another item to this long list of to-dos, especially not a complicated item like a retail liquor licence. The Liquor Licence Authority, Leon Slotow and his staff are there to assist you in the application, renewal and maintenance of your South African Liquor Licence.
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Do These Retail Business Frustrations Sound Familiar?

If you’re opening up one of these types of businesses, no doubt you’ve already got the following on your mind:

  • Costs and frustrations of dealing with staff
  • The risk of making ends meet at the end of every month
  • The stress and costs occurred in advertising your business
  • The extensive and time consuming management of a retail business which includes stock control, security, salaries, operational costs and more
  • No doubt, you’re also very concerned with maintaining the standards within your restaurant and keeping your clientele happy and coming back for more.
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What Kinds Of South African Businesses Do We Support?

A retail liquor licence is essential for any of the following types of South African businesses:
– Restaurants
– Pubs
– Hotels
– Club houses
– Casinos
– Nite clubs

All of these types of businesses are expensive to operate and often all of them also rely on the sale of liquor to ensure a steady flow of foot traffic through the door and generation of a loyal clientele.
Put your trust in us, and you get on with the business of running a successful and growing restaurant.

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