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Every Aspect Of Applying For, Owning & Transferring a Liquor Licence

As you’ll see as you make your way through our site, there are many elements involved in the applying for, owning and renewing and potentially transferring a liquor licence in South Africa. 

Fortunately, LSA Associates is expert in every one of these elements. 

Types Of Liquor Businesses

Wholesale liquor distributors
Liquor stores
Nightclubs and discos
Shopping centres
Sports clubs

Legal Consultation & Support

A spectrum of liquor licence applications
Preparation of businesses for sale, lease, partnership
Compiling of shareholder and association agreements for the purchase, sale and rental
Franchise agreements
Alignment of accounting and legal requirements
Facilitating compliance with town planning and municipal legislation

Liquor Licence Business Software

LSA has developed a highly sophisticated database and administrative software with comprehensive client information continuously aligned with changing liquor legislation. This ensures up-to-date licence and compliance with town planning and municipal by-laws.

Regional Liquor Boards

Liaising with officials at the Liquor Board
New liquor licence applications for start-up and existing businesses
Licence applications for businesses located in premises under construction
Transfers of existing licences
The relocation, reconstruction or alteration of existing businesses or premises.
Liquor Licence Renewals

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