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Nomination Of Responsible Person

When a Liquor Licence has been granted by the Regional Liquor Board, one of the most important things that a holder of a licence can do is to nominate or appoint someone who will be responsible for the actual sale and oversight of the liquor on the premises.
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What Are They Responsible For?

We also advise that the business nominates more than one person to this role. As is the case with many restaurants, hotels, pubs and nite clubs, very often, Managers work on a shift basis and it is quite likely that if only one manager is appointed, that they might not be on the premises when an inspection is made by the SAPS. To avoid any complications, more than one manager should be appointed.
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Selecting A Responsible Manager Or Employee

The reason for this is that the Regional Liquor Board and the South African Police Services must be satisfied that they have granted a liquor licence to someone who they can trust to operate within the ambit of the law. The nominated person or persons must be on the premises at all times during operating hours to ensure they meet the criteria of the Liquor Licence.
It is advised that a Nomination or Appointment Application is made as soon after the granted licence is received to avoid any problems with the SAPS and the operation of the business.

If an inspection by the SAPS is made, and the police officers find that either the nominated persons are not on the premises or that the business is operating against the provisions of their Liquor Licence, the SAPS can shut the operation down immediately. The officers can also confiscate any liquor on the premises.

One can imagine the inconvenience and cost of such an incident occurring and it is for this reason that we strongly advise the timeous and proper appointment or nomination of a manager for every granted Liquor Licence.

What Does A Nomination Mean?