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The first step to getting you started on your journey to applying for a liquor licence, renewing a liquor licence or transferring a liquor licence is for us to learn more about your business.

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Some FAQs...

The cost of a liquor licence will depend on a variety of factors. These include the type of  business, the type  of liquor  licence you are  applying for, the location of your premises

Unfortunately, the time it takes for the successful application of a liquor licence can vary anywhere From a few months to much much longer than that. The discretion of whether a liquor licence is granted does  lie with the regional liquor board who often find themselves with a massive backlog and administrative delays. Despite this, LSA Associates has a dedicated staff member who visits the liquor board every day to apply pressure and ensure that liquor licence applications are granted as expediently as possible.

Much of process of applying  for a liquor licence involves the demonstration of proof that your business qualifies for the liquor licence. Before the liquor board grants you a liquor licence, they want to be made confidence that the individuals within thee business as well as the business itself will be responsible while in the business of selling liquor to the South African public.