The Different Rules For Different Liquor Products According To The Liquor Product Act And Regulations

In South Africa, liquor products are regulated by the Liquor Products Act 60 Of 1989. The Act regulates all authorisations, permits and licences for all wines, beers and spirits. The Act can seem overwhelming at times as it deals with different types of liquor with separate rules and regulations for each. 

Leon Slotow Associates, trusted liquor licence consultants in South Africa, have experience in liquor licence renewal and applications. We are here to explain some of the different rules for different types of liquor in South Africa. 

What Are The Types Of Liquor Regulated By The Liquor Products Act?

The Liquor Products Act regulates the following alcoholic products:

  • Beer
  • Traditional African Beer
  • Wine
  • Spirit-Based Liquor
  • Alcoholic Fruit Beverages
  • Grape-Based Liquor
  • Other Fermented Beverages

Special Authorisation On Some Alcoholic Products

Different liquor products have specific regulations and requirements that are unique to each product. For example:

  • Whiskey must be matured for a minimum of three years in wooden casks, with a maximum capacity of 700 litres.
  • Gin is required to have a distinctive gin aroma and taste, clearly distinguishable from other spirit classes.
  • Vodka is required to be produced without any distinctive characteristic, aroma, taste or colour present.
  • Alcoholic fruit beverages must have a volatile acidity content of fewer than 1,2 grams per litre.
  • Traditional African Beer cannot contain any hops or be flavoured by any hops products and must contain at least 4% solids from grain or meal.
  • Beer is required to be produced in a way where at least 35% of the fermentable extract comes from malted barley or malted wheat.

Navigate The Complex Liquor Act With A Reliable Liquor Licence Consultant

For any liquor manufacturer or distributor, it is essential to remain compliant with the Act. With so many different rules for each type of liquor, keeping in line can be easier said than done. Working with a liquor licence lawyer can help you navigate the finer points of the Act and ensure you are checking all of the right boxes.

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