Alcohol Harm Reduction: Is Alcohol The Problem?

The conversation surrounding alcohol and substance abuse is becoming more pressing as time passes. In South Africa, it seems that there is always a new story about a tragic death or accident related to alcohol consumption. As we face the potential repercussions of alcohol abuse more and more, many of us are asking the same question: Is alcohol the problem? As expert liquor licence consultants, Leon Slotow Associates deals with liquor manufacturers and vendors on a daily basis. With our extensive experience and insider view on the situation, we have some insights to share. 

How Many South Africans Consume Alcohol? 

A 2018 report from the Word Health Organisation reported that, on average, around 39% of South Africans consume alcohol. This is lower than other countries’ typical 43% of alcohol consumers. While the total number of drinkers is lower than average, results showed that South Africans consume large amounts of alcohol (binge drinking) at significantly higher rates. 

How Much Alcohol Does The Average Drinker Consume?

According to the CDC, “binge drinking is defined as 5 or more drinks on one occasion for men and 4 or more drinks on one occasion for women”. The report indicated that South Africans who drink alcohol do so far more heavily than drinkers in other countries. 38% of female drinkers engage in binge drinking and a staggering 70% of male drinkers engage in binge drinking.  

Fighting Against The Culture Of Excessive Drinking, Not All Alcohol Consumption

In South Africa, the prevalence of binge drinking can be associated with a societal normalisation of consuming large quantities of alcohol at even the smallest social gathering. Other countries have higher numbers of alcohol consumers but significantly lower rates of binge drinking. In South Africa, a concerted effort must be made to create a safer drinking environment and a healthier relationship with alcohol rather than eliminating the drink itself. 

Manufacture And Retail Responsibly With The Help Of A Liquor Licence Attorney

The responsible manufacturing and retailing of liquor requires prompt and regular liquor licence renewal. Leon Slotow Associates is here to assist with any of your application or renewal requirements whether you are looking for a retail liquor licence, restaurant liquor licence or simply require assistance with your liquor licence renewal. For more about how we can help you with your liquor licence needs, get in touch with us today. 

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