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STAGE 1 | Apply For Your New Liquor Licence

Applying for a new Liquor Licence in South Africa

A time consuming and expensive process, especially if you’re given bad information by the wrong consultant

STAGE 2 | Annually Renew Your Liquor Licence

Compliance is key

In order to remain compliant with the South African Liquor Law, it is vital that your Liquor Licence is renewed annually

STAGE 3 | Transfer Or Alter Your Liquor Licence

Ownership of a Liquor Licence

The person as well as the company who will be responsible for the sale of the alcohol must be specified reputable

Who We Are

Specialists in Liquor Licence Renewals, Applications and Transfers of Liquor Licences.

Since 1973, Johannesburg-based Attorney Leon Slotow and his team of consummate professional legal staff have provided the foundation to the South Africa Liquor Licence industry acting as pioneers to their clients, consultants to the National and Regional Liquor Boards and experts to the industry at large.

To this day, Leon Slotow and his staff remain the authority on all things relating to acquiring, buying and renewing a liquor licence in South Africa.

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  • Applications for New Liquor Licence Applications
  • Renewals of Existing Liquor Licence
  • Nominations of Managers
  • Transfers of Liquor Licences
  • Applications for Alterations to Premises
  • Occasional Liquor Licences
  • Application for Online Sales of Liquor Licences
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Expertise & Experience

South African Liquor Licences – What do you need to know?

Time Matters

Owning a liquor licence in South Africa is a time-intensive and potentially expensive activity (and that’s when done by Leon and his team, unquestionably the best liquor licence consultants offering their services in South Africa today).

Our Experience Matters

In the hands of an inexperienced liquor licence consultant without the years of expertise or office infrastructure, this price (in Rand and, more valuably, in time) will skyrocket to unaffordable heights. We’ve seen it happen, time and time again.

Your Reputation Matters

Partnering with the right South African Liquor Licence consultant is only the start. The reputation you and your business have in your industry matters too. 


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Our Liquor Licence Services

We Cover the A – Z Of Holding A Liquor Licence In South Africa

There is a very specific and logical process involved in the application for a liquor licence and the subsequent holding and legally maintaining your responsibility of a liquor licence. 

Our services will cover you from the day we apply on your behalf for the granting of a liquor licence in South Africa to the annual renewal of your liquor licence to potential alterations to your licenced premises to the transfer of ownership of your liquor licence and more.  

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Liquor Licence Application

New businesses need to apply for a new Liquor Licence

Liquor Licence Renewal

Each Liquor Licence needs to be renewed each year

Liquor Licence Transfer

Upon sale of a business, the Liquor Licence must be transferred to the new owner

Nomination of Manager

A manager of the business needs to be responsible for the sale of liquor on the premises

Occasional Liquor Licence

It is possible to apply for an occasional or temporary liquor licence for a once off event or gathering

Online Liquor Licence Sales

Under certain circumstances, online sales of liquor is possible in South Africa