Liquor Licence Renewal

Each South African liquor licence issued by a regional liquor board needs to be renewed annually. There are various reasons behind the need for a liquor licence renewal and also differing costs depending on what type of licence you have and in what region it has been issued.

The reasoning behind requiring a holder to renew their liquor licence each year is one of validation. The liquor board that has issued the licence wants to be sure that the holder is firstly still operating, and also keeping up with the regulations of the law that govern the issuing of a liquor licence in South Africa.

Referring to the above, some of the provinces have begun to bring in regulations and criteria that need to be met before a liquor licence renewal will be issued to a prospective holder. These criteria are quite strict and thus are best left in the secure hands of a very competent and experienced liquor licence Attorney like Leon Slotow.

In terms of the cost of a liquor licence renewal, these can be quite varied and depend largely on the type of licence that a holder has. As an example, a typical restaurant liquor licence in Johannesburg costs R3000 per year to renew, while a Grocer’s wine licence can cost just R1500 per year. The cost of the most common liquor licences in Johannesburg are:

Restaurant Liquor Licence R3 000
Pub Liquor Licence R2 500
Function Venue Licence R2 500
Club Liquor Licence R2 500
Wholesale Liquor Licence Dependent on turnover
Hotel or Accommodation Liquor Licence R3 000 – R5 000

The date of the renewal is also very important as this lets you know what your deadline is for renewing your licence. We will be discussing this further in an upcoming post as it is an important subject especially relating to the penalties that accompany the non-payment of a liquor licence.

In the meantime, if you’ve missed your liquor licence renewal date, want to know how much your licence will cost to renew or just have questions about liquor licence renewals in general, please send us a mail at and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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