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In my previous blog post, I brought it to your attention that the Gauteng Government was in discussions to increase the annual renewal fees in respect of liquor licences renewals in Johannesburg, Pretoria and the rest of Gauteng.
During a liquor licence conference held late last week, a decision was confirmed to in fact implement these increases and as such, the cost of renewing a liquor licence in Gauteng has become much more expensive.
The new Gauteng liquor licence fees have been confirmed as:


HOTEL R3500 R6000
GAMING R5000 R10000

It is vital that all liquor licence holders in Gauteng are made aware of this situation and do what is necessary to ensure their licence is renewed correctly.

As is stands, you will be able to pay your liquor licence at the old rate anytime up till and including Thursday the 1st December. However, you will only be able to pay the licence via EFT or at the bank if you already have the 2017/2018 renewal from issued from the Gauteng Liquor Board.

If you do not have the form or fail to pay the licence in time, you will need to pay the new fee as described above. These new fees come into effect immediately and will be applicable to all Gauteng Liquor Licences moving forward.

I recognise that the jump in costs is exorbitant but unfortunately, despite my and other liquor licence consultants in Johannesburg’s efforts, there is nothing we can do to avoid this increase. The justification of the Gauteng Liquor Board for the increase in fees is that there has not been an increase for several years and if there had been one annually, we would be paying a lot more for the renewal of a Gauteng liquor licence.

As always my staff are standing by and are available to assist you if you have any queries about these new fees and if you need assistance in getting your 2017/2018 renewal form from the liquor board and paying it on time.
Please contact Nikki or Janet on 011-887-2595 for more information.

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