Licence Fee Hike

Last week on my blog, I brought it to your attention that there was a particularly worrying and vicious R250 scam circulating amongst liquor licence holders in South Africa. Essentially the scam centred around an SMS that was being sent out to South African liquor license holders telling them that if they did not make payment of an extra amount of R250.00 to a fake bank account, their liquor license will effectively lapse.

Thankfully the regional liquor boards had even then reacted to the scamsters and issued letters of warning and notice to liquor licence consultants and Attorneys like myself throughout South Africa.

This week however, I would like to discuss this scam a little further and also bring up the confusion it can potentially create especially when in the context of the proposed fee hikes that the Gauteng Liquor Board is proposing.

In the coming months, the Gauteng Liquor Board is virtually doubling all fees associated with Liquor Licenses in Johannesburg and the generally recognised liquor license fees (which have been in existence for the last ten years or so) will change.


Gauteng liquor licensees will now receive genuine requirements that they must meet in order to make payment of the different amounts to those which they have paid for over ten years. As you can imagine, this situation already appears suspicious to Gauteng liquor licence holders and even more worryingly, this may become a new doorway open to scamsters. When you consider that some renewal fees are likely to go up as high as R10 000, these scamsters would be stupid to not try their luck at this entry point too.

I have made representations to the Gauteng Liquor Board on behalf of my clients generally and some specific clients about the effect which the increase in liquor licence fees will have on them and on their businesses. It is still very early days, and it remains to be seen whether or not these representations will have any effect on the Gauteng Liquor Board’s decision to increase the liquor licence fees.

For more specifics on the increases in the fees for a liquor licence in Gauteng, please subscribe to my blog or follow my business page on Facebook, I will address this topic specifically in an upcoming blog post. The most dramatic increase in fees that we’re aware of at the moment is the payment required for an occasional liquor licence which will be increased from R1 000 per event to R3 000 per event. Most of the other fees associated with holding a liquor licence in South Africa are simply being doubled.

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