Liquor Licences

You’re finally taking the leap and have decided to quit your job, follow your dream and open up that Italian restaurant you’ve always wanted to. Congratulations from us!

Before you even open your doors for opening night, there is an endless list of boxes that need to be ticked that will ensure that you’re trading correctly in the South African restaurant market. You’re definitely going to want to sell liquor in your restaurant, so one of the most important, and time consuming items on that list is applying for a new liquor licence.

The liquor licence application process can take anywhere from a couple of months just to get the correct documents together to 6 months before the Gauteng Liquor Board actually grants you your final licence. In this time your passion, patience and even money can dry up and you could find yourself regretting ever following your dream of a restaurant.

Whether it’s getting your tax situation in order, finding out if your ideal premises is zoned correctly for the running of a business like a restaurant, getting signatures from the various Directors of the company that is going to apply for the licence or just sitting around waiting for the Gauteng Liquor Board to finally get round to issuing you your new license, the amount of time that a new South African liquor licence application can eat up often takes most people by surprise.

It’s for this reason that we at Leon Slotow Liquor consultants strongly suggest that applying for your new liquor license in South Africa should be one of the very first items on your “Opening a New Restaurant” checklist.

To further cut down potential delays, we suggest using our liquor licence consultancy services to compile your application on your behalf. With over 30 years of experience in South African liquor licencing law and dedicated staff visiting the Gauteng Liquor Board daily, we guarantee that we can get you your liquor licence as quick as possible.

Don’t hesitate. Get in touch with us today and ask us how.

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